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Estate Agents in Billericay, Ramsden Bellhouse, Ramsden Heath and beyond. I dedicate to a select few to focus on a bespoke and ultra-personal service. Thinking of buying or selling?   Find out more


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5 Tips When Looking for Billericay Homes for Sale

This is the perfect time to purchase, as the market in  is robust, while interest rates are still low. We have outlined a few tips to simplify buying a house for both first-time sellers and seasoned professionals. 

1. Seek Assistance 

You will only have a choice of between 1-4% of homes advertised for sale. Seek the assistance of a professional buyer agent to help evaluate the available homes but more importantly, contact the off-market homes that fit your requirements. So you can find the perfect house for your family.

2. Begin the Process Today 

It can take several months to find the perfect house, particularly if you are looking for one in a competitive market. Throughout the process, you have to be patient, as the final outcome is typically more satisfactory if you are thorough with your search. 

3. Never Settle for the Place that You See First 

The process of looking for a house can be very emotional. Suppose you think you have found the perfect home for you. In that case, we recommend consulting your estate agent and going through your entire housing checklist before you place a bid. 

4. Look at the Pros and Cons 

A few improvements are required for most of the properties. In fact, even houses that are brand new require modifications such as landscaping. Today, sellers are exceptionally savvy and make minimal changes on a superficial level to attract the attention of buyers. Hence, you must carefully gauge the amount it would cost to make all the required changes. If you are willing to purchase a house that requires substantial work, you can place your bid accordingly. 

5. Ensure That Your Financing is in Order

If your finances are in order, the process of buying  homes for sale becomes a lot easier as you understand your affordability. Once you have enough for a deposit, get in touch with us, so we can place you with the best mortgage broker to find the perfect mortgage product for your situation.   

If you seek a professional estate agent to assist you in finding your perfect home, get in touch with us at and 07502 380768.

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