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Are you often sneezing or itchy around dogs? We have listed a few breeds that are allergy-free for the pet lover.

Are you often sneezing or itchy around dogs but still cannot contain your excitement when you spot one? This problem is not uncommon. According to Animal Friends, about thirteen percent of the population in the UK has allergies associated with dogs or cats. Thankfully, that does not mean that you must stay away from these cute little angels. So, if you have allergies and still want to adopt a canine friend, we have listed a few breeds that are great for you. 

What Causes Dog-Related Allergies? 

Are you aware of the primary cause of pet-related allergies? A common misconception is that the reaction is a result of the hair that is shed by dogs. However, this isn't true. With shed hair, dogs also leave behind flakes of dead skin called dander, which triggers allergic reactions in people.

In people prone to allergies, dander is considered to be a harmful invading virus or bacteria. As a result, the body responds with symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, hives, and coughing. All of these reactions can be easily treated using antihistamines. 

Do note that even the saliva and urine of dogs are capable of causing a reaction, as they carry the associated proteins. 

3 Breeds Perfect For Allergy Sufferers

The Poodle

If you are an energetic person who enjoys walks, a Poodle is an excellent fit for you. Poodles are considered to be clean dogs since they do not shed a lot of furs. They enjoy going outside and are very easy to train. 

The Schnauzer 

If you are an introvert or enjoy calmness in your life, a Schnauzer may be a better alternative for you. They are small dogs that are not as energetic and do not require long walks or runs every day. 

The Bichon Frise

If you are a first-time dog owner and are looking for a small breed, this is a great alternative. Bichon Frise is a happy, friendly, and sociable breed and is typically not high maintenance. However, they do require grooming every day. 

Selling A Home With Pets?

It is your home, and selling your home will not be affected if you have pets. I advise that if any of your carpets have been affected, you get them cleaned to ensure they look their best, as first impressions are critical. I also advise viewings are conducted when the pets are out of the home to allow for a relaxed viewing experience. 

Got any questions about selling or renting with pets, get in touch with us at or 07502 380768 today.

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