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Estate Agents in Billericay, Ramsden Bellhouse, Ramsden Heath and beyond. I dedicate to a select few to focus on a bespoke and ultra-personal service. Thinking of buying or selling?   Find out more


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Mark Readings - Who I am

This blog is about who I am and why my business means so much to my family and me. 

I have been an estate agent since 2004, I am proud to be an estate agent, and I love helping other people move home. I love the moving process. Whilst many find the process stressful, I enjoy change and look forward to boxing up. It’s exciting and a new adventure. 

I am a family man. Julianne and I have three boys, and we have experienced multiple moves over the years. We have lived in Langdon Hills, Gidea Park, Chelmsford, Billericay and Brentwood, but we fell in love with Ramsden Bellhouse and lived in Church Road for seven years and have recently returned to the village. You know when you have found the special location of your life - whenever you return, you have a deep and wonderfully warm feeling, and we are here to stay. 

My children have all been educated within the Billericay area, attending Billericay, Mayflower and Downham Schools. Our youngest went to Ramsden Village pre-school. We have three four-legged children, Freddie (Red Fox Labrador), Harry (Short haired German Pointer) and Lillie (Golden-doodle). So if you see us walking around - say hi. 

As my two eldest children matured and started their careers, I am sure I bored them with my insistence on a solid work ethic. No matter what they decided to do, I have guided them that hard work will always protect them. A willingness to learn and push yourself is an ingredient that my dad instilled in me. Life is a counter-balance, so ensuring time for enjoyment as a family is crucial, but we work hard by nature. 

The pandemic has affected so many people and was a real grounding moment for us as a family and is the main reason for our decision to return to Ramsden. There was a lot of reflection about where we want to be, what we want to do and then how do we make it happen. 

I am a co-owner of the Keller Williams franchise (largest estate agency globally), where I support and guide over 70 partner agents in Essex. I also operate my estate agency as well. Most of my business comes from recommendations, and that will continue, but during the pandemic, I decided to focus more on my local community. I believe that people will reset now we are coming out of lockdown. As a family, we started shopping more locally, supporting local businesses, using local butchers, coffee shops, visiting our convenience store more, and I want to help support this movement. 

It’s far more enjoyable building relationships with people we know and trust, and I believe there is a huge gap missing when using an estate agent. An agent should be willing to help without the expectation of short-term business. I want to support the community - if that means advice on extending a property, local tradespeople to use, regular updates on the housing market, it is about building relationships - that is what I enjoy. 

So that’s me and why I am starting to focus more on the CM11 area. 

What are my objectives? 

If you need advice on anything property related, I would like to be the one you call. If you choose to sell, I would like to be one of the people you call. If you decide to buy, I would love to help you find the right home for you. 

See you around… 

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