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Estate Agents in Billericay, Ramsden Bellhouse, Ramsden Heath and beyond. I dedicate to a select few to focus on a bespoke and ultra-personal service. Thinking of buying or selling?   Find out more


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Mark can give you an accurate property valuation

Receive an accurate home valuation and market appraisal from an experienced property proffessional

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Unique Buyer Service - Open up 100% of Billericay and surrounding area homes

Did you know: 

  • Only a maximum of 4% of properties are on the active market at any one time, and the average rate is only 1% 
  • This means 96%-99% of properties are unavailable for you to view 
  • There is a way to target every off-market home that fits your criteria - interested? - read on… 
I am not sure the perfect home exists. I have moved multiple times, and in my opinion, we are all looking for the best home to make us happy at that specific time. 

Our requirements change depending on our life circumstances. A first-time buyer may well require a location closer to train stations, good transport links or walking distance to town centres. Suppose you have young children, looking for more space, with more bedrooms. In that case, play areas and good-size private gardens in school catchment areas are typical requirements. As we get older, quieter locations to relax become hugely important. What about the new world of working from home? - It’s what perfect means to you - today. Tomorrow they can and do invariably change. 

Setting your criteria is challenging, with differing opinions to consider. From experience, this is actually the easiest part. The biggest challenge then becomes finding a suitable property to match your requirements. I like to spend considerable time helping my clients truly understand what they want and what they need. If you consider the lack of choice, with 96% unavailable to view. The chances of finding your perfect home are virtually impossible. 

Or is it?… 

In any area, I believe every single house is on the market, whether the home is listed ‘for sale' or not. If they knew a buyer was willing to pay a specific price, most people would move if they could find their next ‘today’ home and reduce the stress of moving. 50% of sales are from homeowners moving within seven years, but the average is close to 20 years. Thousands of properties in any given area fall under this timeline of considering selling but most never enter the market. 

I’m a big fan of technology, when it makes life easier and when it makes the impossible possible. In running my estate agency business, I constantly analyse how I can give my clients a distinct advantage. 

The good news for you as a buyer? - I can proactively target 100% of the properties that match your criteria in a given area as of right now. 

How? - I have access to new technology that lists every single property and its attributes. By filtering against your requirements, including bedrooms, price, location, sq/ft, plot size etc. I will contact the owners on your behalf - for free. 

Together, we define your criteria, draw a digital map to establish where you wish to live to pinpoint the search location, and I do the rest. 

Let me help you find your perfect today home.


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